Crazy Love from God

Oct 4, 2012 | Uncategorized

The last few days were a roller coaster ride. From getting an expensive new tool to watching your wife not being able to stand up in the same day. Then seeing God heals her in a matter of minutes — again in the same day. That was awesome!

Then it goes down the drain again the following day when i caught the flu giving me a fever and joint pains and then experiencing another God moment the same day by healing me of a terrible headache–instantly! Then God had me rest by not having my body aches and pain leave immediately until a few days after. All throughout, God assured me that He is keeping watch over me through the people He impresses to pray for me and my wife.

God even gives a treat! He impressed someone a few days ago to give me some money. This person texted me out of the blue and said that God told “her” to give me a certain amount and would be sending a check to our office.

It cant believe it and was totally unexpected. God is looking out for me! All I could say was “Thank you, Lord!”

You know what? Im not concerned how much is written in the check (i haven’t gotten back to the office yet) because its irrelevant. The greatest thing in this experience is how God made Himself true and more real than ever thanks to all the people that God used.

It may sound cliche but YOU can be blessed too if you give your life to Jesus.

Twice, God gave someone a word so that me and my wife will be healed. A few more texted that God impressed on them to pray for me when they did not know what we were experiencing. Then that last person God used to say, I will provide you a treat.

I think that is called crazy love. God loves us crazy and cant wait to let us know. I am really blessed and I give glory to God!

It may sound cliche but YOU can be blessed too if you give your life to Jesus. You just need to pray a simple prayer that says you want to turn back from your sins, that you are asking for His forgiveness and cleansing through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross and that you want Him to rule over your life from now on. It may sound too good to be true but this is one situation where too good to be true IS true. Its true!

Want to experience crazy love from God? Then take a small step and pray the prayer with all sincerity and you’ll be amazed at how it feels.

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!

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