Certified Positive’s Bible Tab Stickers: A Better Way to Navigate Your Bible

Jul 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

By Edwin Arceo

I’m sure every Christian who uses an analog Bible (you know, the one with paper pages?) have been frustrated looking for a book in the Bible. One reason for this is that the paper most Bibles use is very, very thin. It’s a type of wood free, uncoated paper according to Wikipedia. Sometimes, it can be very hard to turn these pages. They can stick together and with the sheer number of paper, trying to look for the particular book you want to go to can be hard. Enter the Certified Positive Bible Tab Stickers!

These are essentially stickers shaped in, what else, tabs. Millenials may have a hard time relating to this especially if they don’t work in an office, but it’s really a very useful tool, the tabs. But for many GenXers, this is very familiar. Tabs are mostly used in filing systems. Remember the filing cabinet? Every office has those. Inside are many folders and to be able to quickly find one, tabs are usually used to make categories of folders so that they are neatly organized. This principle is the same with the Certified Positive Bible Tab Stickers. It helps you find your way around your Bible and saving precious time.

The designers of these tabs made 12 designs:

  • Plains: Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, Solid Blue, Solid Purple and Rainbow
  • Patterns: (Separate New Testament and Old Testament): Floral, Hearts, Back to
    School, Wood and Steel
  • Tagalog: White and Black

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By the way, I am raffling off five Certified Positive Bible Tab Stickers, sent to you for free. Check the Rafflecopter below:

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They’re having a 20% ONLINE sale until July 31, 2017 thru www.certifiedpositive.com. Below are the prices:

  • New Testament patterns – Php 54 (from P69.75)
  • Old Testament patterns – Php 64 (from P79.75)
  • Small Bible tabs – Php 104 (from P129.75)
  • Tagalog Bible tabs – Php 112 (from P139.75)

Note that these tabs are laminated so that they won’t fade easily. They also provide a Bible Placement Guide—instruction and guide to easily tab your stickers in your Bible in each pack. Oh, there’s more! They have Practice Tabs, you know, to practice on so that you won’t be afraid to mess up. They are not giving out a practice Bible, so get your own…you cheapskates. 😎

For more details, you may visit www.certifiedpositive.com.

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