Breaking Barenness

Nov 5, 2014 | Uncategorized

ID-100165097-300x199I feel sad that there are people who marry the one they love and decide that they will not have children immediately. When they do decide to have kids the couple will find out that they cannot reproduce for some reason. The sadder part is that there are those who decide to marry and decide to immediately have children but are not capable. God desires that married people become fruitful, biologically speaking. In the Bible, it is considered a disgrace and a curse if a woman cannot bear children. These days it is not such an issue especially if the woman is working.

In my 20 years at CBN Asia, I have seen the power of God move in the womb of many women who could not have children due to various circumstances. Isaac was someone who, after 20 years of being married, did not have children yet. It was probably a painful time. Would he end up like his father Abraham who had him when he was 100-years-old? Isaac did not have to wait that long.

Genesis 25:21 says, “Isaac pleaded with the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The Lord answered Isaac’s prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins.”

Notice here that Isaac pleaded with God. He was the master of his house and is accountable for his family’s future. He went to God because it’s his name and His covenant that was at stake.

In Israel in the Old Testament, having children, especially a firstborn son, not only brings great joy, but also honor to the father. It means that the name of the father will be prolonged and that he will have an heir to all his possessions. That is why it was important for a man to have children.

Second, God had a promise to Abraham, that he will have descendants that cannot be counted. How can that happen if Abraham will only have one son and no more?

So Isaac pleaded with God. We do not know Isaac’s argument on how he convinced God to open up Rebekah’ womb but it would be safe to say that he reminded God of His covenant with Abraham.

This is my point: the father is the spiritual leader of the family and should be the first one to come to God. In the Philippines’ matriarchal society, it’s always the mother who tries to find a way. The father just worries or worse becomes apathetic. In God’s design, the father should be the one to approach AND plead to God. My point does not mean that the wife cannot plead to God, we have Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 who can attest to that.

If a wife is barren but deeply desires to have children and the husband feels the the same way, then believe that God is the God of the impossible. There a lot of couples who have no children who believed that God can open open up wombs and received their blessing. No one can stop you from believing. Remember, The earnest prayer of a couple, especially with the man pleading and taking spiritual charge will bear fruit.

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