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May 14, 2020 | Edwin Arceo, Reviews

What about COVID-19

In times of crisis, people tend to ask questions, especially to God. These days are no exceptions. Two months of quarantine will heighten our state of uncertainty. “Will we have food to eat tomorrow? Do I have a job to go back to? What if I get infected?” Crises also raise questions about faith. “Where is God in all of this? Does God see our suffering? Is he even concerned about me?OMF Literature‘s free e-book, “What About COVID-19?” tries to answer these questions.

Contributed to by wise men of our Christian community, the ebook tries to answer these questions that are lingering in the hearts of the common Pinoy. It tries to quell our fears and reason with us to continue to trust in the sovereignty of God using an easy to understand style of writing.

The booklet will try to explore and answer these questions:What about COVID-19 promo

  • Bakit inallow ng Diyos ang COVID-19? Parusa ba Niya ito sa atin? Response by DR. RICO VILLANUEVA
  • Bakit nangyari ang COVID-19?  Nasaan ang Diyos sa lahat ng ito? Response by DR. RICO VILLANUEVA
  • What is the purpose of all this suffering? Bakit ako maniniwala sa Diyos na nag-aallow na mag-suffer ang mundo ngayon sa COVID-19? Response by PASTOR JUN GONZAGA
  • Why does God allow some people to suffer more than others? Response by PASTOR JUN GONZAGA
  • Ano ang kahulugan ng lahat ng ito? May point pa ba ang lahat? Response by DR. NOMER BERNARDINO
  • May hope pa ba? Paano magiging hopeful sa panahong ito ng pandemic? Response by DR. NOMER BERNARDINO
  • I feel so helpless.  Paano ako mananalangin sa panahong ito? May effect pa ba ang prayers? Parang wala naman. Response by DR. RICO VILLANUEVA
  • Sabi ng Bible, “Lagi kayong maging masaya kasama ang Panginoon. Inuulit ko, magsaya kayo!” Sabi din nito, “magpasalamat kayo sa lahat ng sitwasyon.” Ano naman ang masaya sa COVID-19? Meron bang exception sa “lahat ng sitwasyon”? Response by NELSON T. DY
  • The little faith that I have, malapit nang mawala dahil sa uncertainty na dala ng COVID-19. May reason pa bang magtiwala sa Diyos? Response by NELSON T. DY
  • Anong maaari kong gawin to protect my mental health and the mental health of my family? Response by DR. JOYCE PIAP-GO
  • I struggle with intense emotions at this time—fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness, etc. Paano ko dapat i-handle ang intense emotions? Response by DR. JOYCE PIAP-GO
  • Sa gitna ng lahat ng paghihirap due to COVID-19, how can some people still take advantage of their position and power?Response by NOR AQUINO-GONZALES
  • COVID-19 has made me fearful and angry.  Madalas tuloy mainit ang ulo ko.  Wala na talagang pag-asa ang Pilipinas! Talagang nega na ako! Response by NOR AQUINO-GONZALES
  • I worry about my future? Paano na ang dreams and plans ko? Is there life after COVID-19? Response by PASTOR RONALD MOLMISA
  • Paano ko paghahandaan ang tinatawag ng experts na “new normal” Response by PASTOR RONALD MOLMISA
  • Narinig ko sa mga well-meaning na tao na dapat nating itigil na ang pagrereklamo at pagpuna sa gobyerno at sumunod na lang sa lahat ng rules. Masama ba ang magreklamo? Ano ang dapat kong gawin kung gayon? Response by GRACE D. CHONG
  • Paano ako makakatulong sa panahong ito ng Quarantine? Response by BISHOP EFRAIM M. TENDERO

This is an easy-to-read but very encouraging book even if some of these answers I’ve already heard from other speakers. As a Christian, you may have already heard some of these answers yourself. Nevertheless, we all need this book (aside from the Bible itself) to quell our worries. We need people to tell us what to do or give us insights about the things happening today. Sometimes in our worry, we lose sight of God. This ebook puts our perspective back on the right track: We need to keep our faith and trust in Jesus and His Word.

What About Covid-19? Why? What Now? What’s Next? published by OMF Literature is available as a FREE downloadable ebook on this page.

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!


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