Book Review: Things I Wish I’d Known Before we Got Married

May 14, 2012 | Uncategorized

Authored by Gary Chapman of the popular “The Five Love Languages” book, Gary brings another insightful tome on the delicate issues of marriages.

To start with, this book is easy to read. It does not contain text that you’d need a theology degree to understand. Just plain common sense would be enough. If you give it time, I’m pretty sure you can finish the book in half a day. Me? I took longer because I was reading so many things. But my wife finished it ahead of me. 😎

This book is geared for people who have not yet entered into the marriage covenant. This is for every kind of people who are not married yet. Married people will appreciate how it can solve the many nagging issues that they may be experiencing with their spouse (and vice versa).

I urge unmarried couples, those who are seriously considering getting married, to read this book first, both of them, before they say their “I dos”. I’m sure they will appreciate the insights that Gary offers the reader. Here’s a few that I got from the back of the book which starts with the “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married”:

  • that being in love is not enough to make a successful marriage
  • that romantic love has two stages (and how to make the transition)
  • that mutual sexual fulfillment is not automatic
  • that personality profoundly affects behavior

I agree with Gary that if I’d known these things before I got married then it would have greatly reduced the conflicts with my wife Emy. I agree that in the courting and dating process we do not look at these issues. Its always about getting “pogi” points. Making the apple of your eye see and look at you positively. We hide flaws and weaknesses before letting them all out after the wedding.

What did my wife think about the book? Well, she mostly agreed. <wink>

This book is available at OMF Bookstores and online here.

Disclaimer: The copy I read was provided by OMF Literature, the local publisher here in the Philippines. There I said it.


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