BOOK REVIEW: The Twelfth Imam

Nov 12, 2011 | Uncategorized

twelfth imamJust a few minutes ago, I finished reading Joel Rosenberg’s The Twelfth Imam. This is the first book of a brand new series. There is already a second that will soon be released, The Tehran Initiative.

Coming from finishing Joel’s The Last Jihad series, I was definitely excited to find out how this new series was made. The Twelfth Imam is definitely a great read. It is not a crazy paced as the last series. Those books started explosively from the firs page. With this new series, it starts a bit moderate and slowly builds to a crescendo.

This book, no doubt about is also a thriller. Each turn of the page asks you to turn more. you want to know how every twists and turns unravels and shows itself. The book has touching points and point back to events that occurred in September 11, 2001.

The story begins during the Iranian Revolution in the late ’70s. I was already nine-years-old then and would only be aware of the events during those days later in my life. The development of the characters are meticulously made and I appreciate it. It makes them more real than imagined.

Even though the book starts slower than the previous series, the chapters are much more shorter and a lot of parallel stories come up, much like when you read a Readers’ Digest feature story, they all add up logically and more importantly, to a very exciting conclusion. The ending leaves you wanting more and asking for the next installment.

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