BOOK REVIEW: The Last Days

Oct 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

Written by New York Times bestseller, Joel Rosenberg, The Last Days is the second in the series that started with The Last Jihad. This second book is a continuation of the first book, starting a few months after the culminating events in the first book.

This installment of the series is another roller coaster ride that Mr. Rosenberg takes you in even in just the opening chapters. Once you start reading, be ready to spend hours of unstoppable action. You won’t be able to bring the book down. The suspense is such that you have to force yourself to take a break or to be able to do anything else. I’m not a speed reader so sometimes I just want to jump to the end of the book so that I would be spared the time to go through it. But go through it you must–its well worth it.

I was able to buy this book for 75 pesos during the recent Manila International Book Fair from the booth of OMF Literature. Actually, I bought three, this and The Copper Scrolls and Dead Heat, because it was really such a bargain. I read The Last Jihad last year and a colleague gifted me with the 3rd book, The Ezekiel Option, last Christmas and have been itching to buy the other books.

If you have a taste for political thrillers, as this series has been labeled, then you need to read all five books. You need to start with The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scrolls and Dead Heat.

Published in 2006 but distributed in the Philippines in 2009, the book cements Joel Rosenberg’s distinction as a man who has a deep insight in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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