BOOK REVIEW: The Debt-free Lifestyle, Ten Principles that can Revolutionize Your Life

Aug 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

DEBT-FREE-TRADE-ED_FA-212x300By Edwin D. Arceo

More and more Filipinos are getting in debt. With the economy growing, the capacity to earn increasing, and marketing people finding new ways to entice people to buy the newest and the best “must-haves,” many are getting in debt. Credit card companies (and banks) are also making it easier for young professionals to acquire debt.

A recent AGB Nielsen survey says that young people who watch television at night are “irresponsible” with their money and have a difficult time managing it. Which makes Dr. Andrew Liuson’s newest book, “The Deb-free Lifestyle, Ten Principles That Can Revolutionize Your Life” a must-read for the young workforce of today.

I started reading this book when we scheduled to have Dr. Liuson interviewed at the CBN Asia office for an audio CD that we are collaborating with five other finance experts. Reading the book and seeing and hearing Dr. Liuson share some of the insights that he had accumulated and wrote in the book were separate pleasurable moments. You will know that he was very sincere in what he was saying and sharing. It was from the heart.

Hopefully, this is also what you will feel when you read the book. I especially liked his story on the personal journey that he took on the way to being debt-free. You can easily relate because many of us have gone through times of debt.

Popular motivational speaker Francis Kong describes the book this way: “The counsel offered sound, good and practical; the ideas and the principle presented in this book WORK.”

If you work for your money, then your money needs to work for you too! The problem is that we lack knowledge. Sometimes youthfulness is a factor. Young people are adventurous and risk takers. They also lack patience. They want everything to happen now. Lack knowledge, too adventurous and lack of patience usually end up in debt.

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The author (right, standing) with Dr. Liuson and The 700 Club Asia host Peter Kairuz with the interview crew,

The book will give the reader the knowledge they need to become good stewards of their hard earned money. The examples and stories that Dr. Liuson uses are relatable by people from all walks but more so for the middle income earners, the majority and supposedly the backbone of our economy.

The average Pinoy may not want to buy this book. This may not be their priority and would rather spend their money on designer coffee or gourmet food. The pleasures of this world is like a siren call to the ears. We respond to it easier. Maybe you want to give this book as gift to someone you know who maybe is in trouble of getting into debt. You can already the signs. Good news! This book is worth more than the expensive coffee around the corner. It may be their ticket to a debt-free lifestyle.

The Debt-free Lifestyle by Dr. Andrew Liuson is published by Cross Over Books, an imprint of CSM Publishing and is available at all popular bookstores.

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