Book Review: Its OK to be NOT OK

Nov 23, 2016 | Edwin Arceo, Reviews

It's OKBy Edwin Arceo

This little book is maybe one of the most authentic Christian book I’ve read in a while. It tackles topics which are almost in complete opposite of what many Christians practice today. It’s a must-read for pastors and church leaders and to consider seriously its potential impact in the lives of our fellow believers in the LORD who may be alone and suffering on the inside but acting well on the outside. I appreciate how the author, Rico Villanueva, was able to identify these personal “concerns” that every believer face at one point in their lives. It also helps that he pointed out how the church has been “avoiding” or “neglecting” the issues he raises in the book.

Rico points out the following issues in the book:

  1. Its OK to be down
  2. Its OK to be sad
  3. Its OK to cry
  4. Its OK to be afraid
  5. Its OK to struggle
  6. Its OK to be angry
  7. Its OK to question God
  8. Its OK to fail

It can be quite disconcerting to read this book for those who are not openminded, but Rico makes a very eloquent argument based most especially in the Psalms where he identifies some as lament and imprecatory psalms. As I read the book, I made a closer look at the Psalms he refers to and I decided that I agree with his points. They are from the Word of God after all. 

I can also say that many Christians, including myself, have overlooked the true meaning of these Psalms and have conveniently settled on the “traditional” and more popular interpretations, although not wrong per se, but we will be missing an essential element why these Psalms were written.

I challenge those reading this review to have look. It is well researched (its based on the author’s PhD dissertation I believe) and clearly explained. 

“Its OK to be NOT OK” is part of OMF Literature’s Thinking Biblically series and was published in 2012. You may want to inquire if copies are still in print at or look for it in the Buqo app for tablet and mobile devices. 

Here’s the direct link to the book’s e-commerce page:

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