BOOK REVIEW: How Do I Know the One

Oct 7, 2019 | Edwin Arceo, Reviews

Book Review: How Do I Know The One?

This is the question that many single people are asking today. And rightly so, because this is the most important question that one can ask next to “What will I eat today?” Kidding aside, this book review would be all too familiar with my regular readers. I only review books that I will recommend. Sir Nelson T. Dy’s newest book, How Do I Know the One? published by CSM Publishing fits this simple criterion.

Sir Nelson wrote a highly insightful and impactful book in How Do I Know the One? This is not a very “spiritual” book in its usual sense in our society today, although he does sprinkle verses from the Bible in appropriate and very contextual places. He is also in his usual witty self. There is one thing that I highly recommend Sir Nelson and CSM Publishing embark on: publish a second, Tagalized, edition. Many young people, especially those coming out of college who will definitely benefit from what this book says. I want to be honest and say that some people may not be able to relate to his terms, jokes, puns, and examples. But do not let it discourage you from buying the book because the wisdom that it will give you in finding (or being) The One is invaluable.

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You need to look forward to reading the five points that Sir Nelson argues in finding The One. This is the term that he uses to call that person you want to spend your life with. And those points are very practical, biblical, relevant and relatable. He does not deliver it sermon-like. He writes it like one who would advise his best friend. Sadly, your best friend may not even give you the kind of advice that Sir Nelson writes in the book. Its just filled-to-the-brim with wisdom and insight.

How Do I Know the One? covers almost everything that a single person need to find The One.

I am also surprised that in each point, he raises very relevant questions that singles REALLY ask like, “I have a crush but is not a Christian, should I court her?” and the classic “I will answer ‘Yes!’ to him when he courts me even though he is not a Christian yet, because he can be saved someday right?”

How Do I Know the One? covers almost everything that a single person needs to find The One and experience what Sir Nelson calls “long-term joy.” If you are single, you need to know this. If you are already married and having problems with your marriage, then this book can probably help you and your spouse be The One for each other.

As of this writing, How Do I Know the One? is not yet available at popular bookstores but will be soon at 200 pesos each!

Visit Sir Nelson’s website at to learn more about him and the books he wrote.

For more details, contact CSM Publishing at 852-7301 to 04 local 205 or visit them at CSM Building, Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño, Parañaque City from 8 am to 6 pm. You can also send an email at [email protected].

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