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The last book in Joel Rosenberg’s The Last Jihad series–and the best yet. Jon and Erin Bennet are now humanitarian workers but they are continually being sucked into events not of their creation. This is the best 75 pesos ($1.70) I have ever paid for a book. Yes, you read it right. I bought this at a discount during the Manila International Book Fair. You should go next year, you’ll never know what you will get.

The story is really apocalyptic. It also shows Joel Rosenberg theological leanings on his view of the end times. The depictions in this novel is a valuable insight on what may happen in the end of days and especially to Bible believing Christians.

If you love political thrillers (and I’m becoming one), the you should get this book. Beware though that once you read through the five-book series, other books, especially non-fiction, may be bland in comparison. The pacing is really fast, the same as the previous four books.

Joel is a terrific story-teller. I can easily picture the scenes he is describing. One other thing that makes this series stand out is how it is well-researched. All in all a great end to a great series.

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