Book Review: Career Success, the 48Cs

Feb 3, 2013 | Uncategorized

Authored by Ed Pilapil, Jr., this book is a great and easy read for people starting out in the “real world” of career, life and living. The 48 Cs Ed outlines in this book are all practical and doable. The book is not just form–having 48 items starting with the letter “C”–but it also a functional list, that yes, you can apply not only to your career but also to life and living.

One can finish the book in a few days but I suggest that you read it in 48, one “C” for each day. This could be a devotional of sorts. Plus the fact that each item ends with an exercise makes it worth doing it first before going to the next.

I first met Ed  during our CBN Asia’s Resource Development Summit. He spoke on the third and last day which was about project management. I was late that day because I had to go to my son’s school. Ed was on his third point when I came. I quickly settled in and listened what he had to offer. There was a lot! At one of the breaks, I found out that they were selling his book but was not that interested-yet. You got it right, its the book I am writing about today.

Anyway, as we progressed during the day, I was enjoying every minute of the session. I said to myself, “This guy is good!” I also got the chance to chat with him and found that we were using the same project management software in our iPads. He also talked with us bit during an exercise he gave and helped us get through it. That was when I found out that he is also a mentor to some of the CEOs in the Philippines and abroad.  At the end of the day, I bought the book and the rest, as it goes, was history.

Every “C” that Ed explains will greatly help the new graduate starting out, or the rank-and-file employee raring to go up the corporate ladder, even the CEO who wants to stay on top. The most memorable “C” for me was the last one–COUNT. Its all about counting your days. This last item, for me, was about counting your days. How short life is and how every day should count. You have to read this to really appreciate what I am talking about but dont go there yet when you first open the book. Relish each “C”.

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