BOOK FEATURE: BOBOto Ba Ako? How to Think Smart and Vote Right

Feb 18, 2016 | Uncategorized

BOBOto Ba Ako - featuredBy Edwin D. Arceo

We were talking about politics in our MANCOM today and decided that I should feature Rei Lemuel Crizaldo’s newest book, “BOBOto Ba Ako? How to Think Smart and Vote right” on today’s blog. Its really hard to decide who I’ll vote for next year. We all need to get all the help we can so we can make a wise decision.

Teaches how voting wisely and responsibly can make a difference in our nation.

I got to appreciate Rei’s writing in his and LoveStruck series author, Ronald Molmisa’s, “Pinoy Big Values”. My first impression was that Rei does good research (that also goes for Ronald Molmisa), witty and very relevant. He was very thorough on the chapters that were assigned to him and that to me is a demonstration on how he cares for those who will read his books.

I’ve just started reading the e-book version using the Buqo app for iOS and I must say that Rei did some serious digging. He also takes us, on a tour of the election and political history of the Philippines.

Overall, the book is very easy to read, light-hearted but serious in its goal of giving voters a very good on how to think smart and vote right.

Below is a short write-up that OMF has given for the book:

Kung gusto mong makakita ng seryosong pagbabago, wag mong sayangin ang boto sa maling kandidato. Para maparinig ang boses mo, di kailangang maki-rally sa EDSA at Mendiola. Why? Dahil pwede mong gawin ‘yan sa pamamagitan ng iyong balota.

Akala ng iba na ang future ng Pilipinas ay nasa mga kamay ng mga kandidato. Ang totoo niyan, ito ay nasa kamay mo.

BOBOto Ba Ako is now available in all leading bookstores with a suggested retail price of 75.00 pesos. Small money for the amount of information that you will get. Available also online at


REI LEMUEL CRIZALDO teaches contemporary theology, homiletics, Christian social work, and other subjects related to his advocacy — the integration of faith and contemporary life. With degrees in theology and mass communication, Rei headed the advocacy work of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC), and now serves as advocacy coordinator of the Christian Convergence for Good Governance’s Micah Challenge—Philippines campaign. A writer, licensed teacher, and inborn graphic artist, Rei is the author of Connected Ka Ba? (How to Pray Kahit Lo-Batt Ka Na), Boring Ba ang Bible Mo? (How Your Story Fits in the Big Story), and Pinoy Big Values (with Ronald Molmisa). You can listen to Rei’s “Pananaw Pinoy” radio editorials on current issues every morning at 702 DZAS on the AM band. His “rantings” are posted at He can be reached at xgenesis.rei@

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