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Jan 15, 2013 | Uncategorized

Developed by Germany based diiter.projektagentur, The Photo Cookbook – Quick and Easy 6.2 iOS app is one good looking app. The interface is really simple that will allow you to find what you are looking for in the 84 recipes that are included in the app.

I got this app, free, with Apple’s 12 days of Christmas app promo. Yes, this was free. Now, I think it costs $3.99. Perfect timing! The recipes are under the Quick & Easy tab. There are also three other tabs, namely, Italian, Asian and Baking, which are in-app purchases.

Going back to my review of the app. I can definitely say that the user interface is one of the most elegant I have ever seen, especially for a cook book. Photo Cookbook is for me personally, much better, and simpler, than one of the earliest and most popular cookbook app, Epicurious. By the way, Epicurious needs an internet connection for the user to see the receipes.

Ok going back to Photo Cookbook. The photography is gorgeous. Simple, but gorgeous. Now for the best part. When you click on a recipe, you are taken to a panel where the ingredients are laid-out, nicely laid out. You can then click on each ingredient to find out its name, description, how important it is to the recipe and how it is called in other languages. Brilliant! So if you do not know what an ingredient looks like, Photo Cookbook dished out (pun intended) a great way to find out.

The search function is also elegantly executed. Typing a keyword in the space provided at top right, not only filters out the recipe where said keyword is found, the recipes where it is found is left in the panel while the others go away. The tabs above also shows how many recipes they have which contains the keyword.

Oh by the way, the cooking instructions are also nicely photographed and the text is very clear. This is really one great looking and easily understood app. My wife actually got excited with the app and is now looking for the ingredient to be able to cook Tom Yum soup, one of my most favorite Thai food!

Going back what I got, the Quick & Easy tab,

You can check out the website at Visit iTunes to download the app! The Mac app costs $13.99.

Screen grabs below:

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