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Jul 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

spotify-logoMy fondness for music was rekindled  Spotify. Just recently made available here in the Philippines, I’ve decided to take the plunge and paid for the PRO subscription which will cost me 129 pesos a month (the first month was FREE). Yes, Im loving Spotify, let me tell you why.

First, its playlist is HUUUUGE! I’ve listened to OPMs (Original Pilipino Music) from Asin to Sarah Geronimo. I’m also discovering new artists and their music. I’m also able to listen to songs by Christian bands that I discivered in the App.

With the regular FREE version, I can stream music to the desktop apps on my Macbook Pro (it should be the same with Windows machines). I can also listen using my smartphone or tablet but only if I am connected to the internet. Well, I do not have an unlimited internet subscription with my telco so after weeks of hesitation, I signed up for the FREE 30-day trial to the PRO version when I went to Myanmar so I can have my music available to me offline. It was a good decision considering the number of hours I had to wait for my flights, especially on the trip from Bangkok to Manila where I had 8 hours to kill!

The iPhone app was easy to use. The menu on the side had links to BROWSE for music, DISCOVER new songs, an option to listen to internet (i think Spotify) RADIO. Under those where my MUSIC where I can search by SONG, by ALBUM or by ARTIST, pretty staple options but definitely useful.

It also has a social function where you can follow you friends that the app discovers through your Facebook profile. I can FOLLOW them and they can FOLLOW me and we would find what we music we are listening and you can choose to listen to it too! You can also create your own PLAYLISTS and share it among your friends who are also using Spotify.

I really enjoy spottily and music app of choice on trips to ANYWHERE! You should too

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