Among Thorns

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Reading from the Gospel of Mark in chapter 4:7-8 and 18-19, which forms part of Jesus’ parable of the farmer scattering seeds. In this chapter, one will have a good idea of where he stands with respect to how the Word of God was sown in his heart.

Let me review this chapter first before I go on. Jesus sat on a boat at the lake shore to teach the crown that has assembled and proceeded to share the parable. Jesus starts with the part where the seeds fell on the foot path and were quickly eaten by the birds. Then, Jesus went on to the seeds that fell on shallow soil with underlying rock which quickly wilted under the hot sun and since it did not have deep roots, died. Third was the part where the seed fell among thorns that grew up and choked the tender plant and produced no harvest. The last were the ones that fell on good soil which produced a great harvest.

Jesus explained what this parable meant starting in verse 14 up to 20 so you can read it up.

The part that I wanted to point out is the part where the seed fell among thorns. With the seeds that fell on the footpath and the stony soil, it was clear that the seed died, but the ones that fell among thorns, they did not die, they just did not produce fruit. They’re still alive but no fruit. I think this is a lot sadder than those seeds who fell on the stony path and stony soil.

It means they are not being used by God or refuse to be used by God. They are those who have forsaken the Gospel to pursue material things or temporal matters. They are the ones who have lost hope of receiving a miracle from Jesus. They have surrendered their lives to this world rather than to the Son of God.

My friend, if you are reading this, I hope it is not you. Or if you think that was  you, I pray that the seed that you received in the Word of God go to good soil where you will flourish through abiding in Christ. That the seed you received will be transferred to good soil. It will only be possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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