The 700 Club Asia Presents: SAIS-KATORSE, The Aubrey Juanta Story Holy Week Presentation

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No matter how lost and broken your life may seem to be, God still sees you as a precious jewel. This is what Aubrey Juanta realized in her life.

Children are supposed to play and have fun but such is not the case in Aubrey’s life. At the early age of six, Aubrey’s innocence was jaded with sexual abuse from her own father.

Growing up without experiencing evident love from her family and a childhood marred by the curse of incest, Aubrey’s life became a series of empty relationships.

She tried to escape her dark past by trying to fill it up with the things of this world, such as getting married to an old-rich man, with whom she also got abused and had children.

Searching for love, she got into another relationship while she was married and left her husband and children when she got pregnant by the other man who was also physically and emotionally abusive.

According to Aubrey, she did not know what to do with her life then. “Walang peace. Maraming wala. Maraming kulang. (I didn’t have peace. There were a lot of things missing in my life) I felt empty and lost,” she confessed.

The good thing is that God is always in the business of restoring lives. Aubrey thought that she was hopeless especially when she was framed-up and got imprisoned for it.

That was when she got to know Jesus Christ and then her life started to change. “I was so broken na hindi ko alam saan ako mag-start. Isang talbog mo lang pala, eto lang pala yung sagot sa problema ko (I was so broken that I didn’t know where to start. But then, I realized that the solution to my problems is just an inch away,” she added.

After being freed from imprisonment, Aubrey’s relationship with the father of her youngest child gradually improved and then they decided to get married. They are now serving God through the Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) – Glorious Hope Ministry. This is the same ministry that helped her in her healing journey.

Teary-eyed, Aubrey added, “[God] is slowly pruning my life and fixing my life, from being wretched to being great.” Her life story of redemption is a testimony of how like the story of The Prodigal Son, the Lord waits for His lost children to come back to Him with open arms.

Watch how Aubrey’s life was redeemed from ashes to beauty on The 700 Club Asia Presents Sais-Katorse, Maundy Thursday, April 13, 6 pm, at GMA.

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