31 Ways to Touch Your Wife

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How to Keep Your Misis HappyExcerpted from “How to Keep Your Misis Happy” by Anthony John O. Munar and Marlene Legaspi-Munar used by permission of the 

Madalas kong sabihin sa mga lalaking ikakasal na ang lalaki parang rocket ship, samantalang ang mga babae ay parang plantsa. Bakit? Kasi pagdating sa sex, ang lalaki madaling ma-excite and like a rocket ship, can shoot up into the heavens in seconds. I think you know what I mean. Ang mga babae naman, ang tagal bago mag-init. Di mo siya pwedeng biglain. Kailangan i-prepare si Misis for the act of lovemaking. Paano? Patingin-tingin, pabulung-bulong, pahipu-hipo, pahalik-halik…then boom! Nag-iinit si Misis sa little expressions of affection.

According to psychologist and and marriage counselor Willard F. Harley Jr., one of a woman’s basic needs is affection. Kung sa lalaki, sexual fulfilment is a priority, sa babae naman, affection is on of the things she can’t do without. In his book, “His Needs, Her Needs, Harley says, “to most women, affection symbolizes security, protection, comfort and approval.”Minsan, kapag hindi nami-meet ang need ni misis for affection, hindi siya ganado for sex. A wise and loving husband will seek to first meet his wife’s need for affection or lambing bago matuloy ang main event of lovemaking.

So let’s hear from the wives themselves. Nagtanung-tanong si misis sa mga kapwa niyang misisat inalam niya kung anu0-anong gestures or habits of affection ni mister  ang nakakapgparamdam sa kanila na loved, protected, comforted, and approved silang talaga. Let’s call this “The 31 Ways to Touch Your Wife.” Kung nagtataka ka kung bakit thirty-one, ang sagot namin ay why not? Actually, you can add some more to the list. Or you can do the one for each day of the month. Although marami sa nakalista ay may kinalaman sa physical touch, you will see that there are other non-physical ways to show the kind of affection that women long for.

  1. Hugs
  2. Kisses
  3. Holding hands while walking
  4. Pisil sa pisngi
  5. Back massage
  6. Foot massage
  7. Head massage
  8. Send her to the spa
  9. Remember special dates
  10. Flowers
  11. Gifts
  12. Bring home a pasalubong
  13. Text messages
  14. Talk about your love story to others
  15. Whispers
  16. Compliment her
  17. Go on dates
  18. Sit together while watching TV at home
  19. Acts of service
  20. Cuddle in bed
  21. Prepare breakfast in bed
  22. Own the kitchen in weekends
  23. Do things together
  24. Take care of her when she’s sick
  25. Pray for her and with her
  26. Be interested in spiritual things
  27. Give her space
  28. Wait on her
  29. Find out what pleases your wife
  30. Say “I love you”
  31. Renew your wedding vows

EDITOR’S NOTE: The complete details of the 31 Ways to Touch Your Wife (we only itemized them here) can be read in the book published by OMF Literature (www.omflit.com) available at all leading bookstores.


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