As A Nation Weeps

Dec 9, 2011 | Uncategorized

Imagine a whole nation, literally hundreds of thousands of men, weeping bitterly, probably loudly. What a sight it would be! This shows a nation in sincere mourning for a sin committed in their midst.

The Tribe of Benjamin

The last three chapters of the book of the Judges is a dark ending. The last verse of the book says this in Judges 21:25, “In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” Israel was one big messed up country and all through out the book of the Judges, you see the chosen nation of God spiraling into a cycle of rebelling and disobeying, getting dominated by neighboring countries, their properties, and lives, seized. Then they go back to God who redeems them again in His stubborn love.

But one good thing that I see here is that when Israel knows they are wrong and are paying the price for it, they go back to God. I think that is important. God’s covenant with Israel still stands today. He still loves this nation and the words He has spoken through His servants, the prophets, we see them coming to pass. That is why Israel is such a critical part of God’s end time plan.

If my country, the Philippines, and all the other nations that believe in Jesus, will be like the Israelites, that whenever they realize that they have no else to turn to, will give themselves to God and His plan. Sadly, we turn to bickering, back-biting, press releases and interviews. The Philippines has not lived up to its billing as the only Christian nation in Asia. We cannot even claim the title anymore as we have a sizable Muslim population. We should be called a Christian majority nation. But then, how do we claim that if we are continually plagued with political and celebrity controversies, summary executions, scandals and corruption.

It’s really sad.

The “Christian” majority should live up to its name, not just a word that one writes in their bio-data and resumes. In theses times when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we should all be ashamed of our actions. One “Christian’s” shame is OUR all shame. We must repent bitterly as a Christian nation and turn back to God whose perfect plan for our nation we consistently disregard.

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