You can contribute to a future where every person is nourished

It is an extreme case of irony that of the number of people who are overweight and obese, there are over 820 million people who are going to sleep hungry tonight. While over 22% of  the earth’s population are struggling with overweight issues, 10.9% are toiling to find ways to survive hunger.

It is an unimaginable tragedy that is truly out of proportion. The hard question is, “What can we do about it?”

First, this is what I suggest: “Stop eating too much and too often.” We Filipinos are even proud that we eat six—yes six—times a day! We have morning snacks. We have afternoon snacks. And then we have midnight snacks. We eat excessively which leads to the prevalence of sicknesses and diseases.

The leading cause of death in the Philippines according to the Department of Health are diseases of the heart and the vascular system which corresponds to heart attacks and strokes for the majority of deaths. Most of these ailments can be corrected and avoided by eating a healthy diet and NOT EATING six times a day.

So going back to my suggestion which I repeat here: “Stop eating too much and too often,” will not only help lower the cases of overweight and obese people, but will also contribute to a much healthier person—YOU. It makes sense right? 

Second, let us make a tangible effort to help lessen the incidence of hunger starting with our own country. There are many non-profit organizations who are at the forefront of hunger relief where you can make a donation that will directly go towards related projects.

Here is a list:

  1. Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines
  2. Virlanie Foundation
  3. World Vision
  4. Actions Against Hunger
  5. Rise Against Hunger Philippines
  6. Feed the Children Philippines
  7. Food for the Hungry Philippines
  8. Feed the Hungry
  9. World Food Program
  10. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 

Obviously, the list above is not an exhaustive list, but these organizations can help you achieve a goal of having an impact of lowering the incidence of hunger in the Philippines and ultimately, the world. You can donate money and food. You  can also volunteer your time and experience first hand what hungers does to a person and how helping fight it will lead us into better people…and a better person.

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